Where to eat the best Ibicenian food

Ibizan gastronomy is characterized by making the most of the island’s resources, creating delicious dishes made from fish, seafood and vegetable products.

The cuisine of Ibiza has rich and varied recipes transmitted from generation to generation that arose from the mixture of cultures that passed through the island throughout history.

Sea products, olive oils, wines, herbal liqueurs, cheeses, sausages, jams and honey are just the beginning of the long list of the delicious ingredients characteristic of the Ibizan dishes.

Typical Ibicenian dishes

Although Ibiza has more people to drink than to eat, the island has an excellent selection of typical dishes.

Where to eat in Ibiza real food

Here are some of the most important:

    • Burger Crack: Traditional dish prepared with stingray, potatoes, eggs, parsley, garlic, fried bread, toasted almond, saffron and olive oil.
    • Sofrit pagès: Dish of the interior of the island prepared with lamb, chicken, sobrasada, potatoes, garlic, laurel, saffron, cumin, parsley, toasted almond and lard.
    • Tonyina a l’eivissenca: Tuna stew with pine nuts, raisins, eggs, spices, lemon juice and dry white wine.
    • Guisat de peix: Potato stew with fish and seafood.
    • Peix sec: Fish seasoned and dried in the sun.
    • Bull d’anfós: Typical dish prepared based on the gills, stomach and liver of the grouper.
    • Ibizan lobster: Stewed lobster with squid and herbal liqueur.
    • Killing rice: Rice prepared with different parts of the pig.
    • Brossat greixonera: Pudding prepared with cottage cheese, eggs and biscuits.
    • Flaó: Tart prepared with eggs and cheese.
    • Orelletes: Sweet made from eggs, flour, aniseed liqueur, sugar and olive oil.
    • Hierbas Ibicencas: Alcoholic beverage prepared with anise.

Best eating places

Where are the best places to eat in Ibiza

Each of the corners of the island has numerous places where you can eat well and with prices adjusted to all types of pockets. One of the liveliest areas for dining is the terraces of the Port of Ibiza, although there are also pleasant and quieter places in some inland villages.

Many of the beaches and coves of the island have restaurants and beach clubs where it is a pleasure to taste delicious typical dishes while enjoying a postcard landscape.

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